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Time To Evict? Get Expert Advice First!

Get advice from the experts before initiating the eviction process. Our in-house eviction specialists will provide a free case review for landlords and property managers. Unpaid rent, property damage, unauthorized subletting, and many other factors could force you into an eviction situation. Understand your rights, and get answers to your questions!

Rent Not Paid?

Most clients come to us with tenants who are in arrears. Unpaid rent impacts cash flow, and must be resolved quickly. Starting the eviction process often results in rent getting collected without having to evict, however when this just isn’t possible, a legal judgement provides landlords with the ability to evict and collect.

Frequently Late Rent

Ongoing late rent payments can have a domino effect that puts a strain on landlord cash flow. As late payments become the new normal, you might be left with an eviction process to get your tenant on track again.

Subletting Without Consent

Your rental agreement allows only two or three people. A neighbourhood complaint or inspection reveals many more occupants. This is a tenancy agreement breach and places a strain on your rental unit.

Property Damage

You have the right to expect your property to be maintained in a reasonable manner. If damage occurs outside the scope of general wear and tear then this should be covered by the tenant. Protect your property from further damage. Eviction may be the best option.


Edmonton Eviction Services Inc.; Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective

Edmonton Eviction Service Inc. was formed by industry professionals and is positioned to help you and/or your property manager to take control of a cash-flow problem, remove or re-train the cause (a bad or non performing tenant) so you can move forward. We will represent you, as the landlord, through the court proceedings — the only legal way to evict a tenant — with the goal of evicting, or (if appropriate) re-training, the tenant. Utilizing your information we build the RTDRS hearing filing package and follow through to the goals we establish at the beginning. In other words — we reduce your stress and help you move forward. Avoid delays and further losses – start the eviction process today - CALL NOW!

About Us

Edmonton Eviction Services Inc. offers a quick response, competitive tenant eviction service, tailor made to provide assistance for busy landlords throughout the Edmonton area. We are professionals and have spent a considerable amount of time helping landlords handle problem tenants.With an extensive background in property management handling large portfolios we have dealt with most scenarios and can bring that experience to work for you. As such we can help you understand the process and when you can or cannot evict.Dealing with the legal system may be confusing for both sides of a dispute. A tenant may get legal aid and free legal advice from a number of organisations. While this is often not the case when a landlord needs help unless he has deep pockets. Many Landlords do not understand what the court needs and wants which can make the exercise frustrating.No wonder a landlord can feel helpless, angry and alone. You are no longer alone, Edmonton Eviction Services Inc. the experts in tenant eviction, is here to help.

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Why Choose Us?

Thank you for visiting the home of the eviction experts, run by caring professionals with years of experience and rental properties of their own. You can rest assured we will get the result you need quickly and with a no nonsense approach. Being rental property owners, and former managers for other property owners, means that we understand all aspects of the problem and that we care what the outcome is.


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