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5 Reasons to Use Process Serving Services in Eviction Cases

As a landlord, you can never completely ignore the possibility that you may have to go through an eviction process. You have people as tenants and humans, by nature are diverse. That is why even though you did your best to screen your potential tenants; there will always be a few who will turn out to be problematic later.

When your tenant-related challenges become too much to bear, you should not hesitate to evict the source of your problems. Once you decided to go through the process of eviction it is best for you to acquire professional process serving services. Landlord-tenant disputes can give you a lot of stress and sleepless nights and using commercial eviction services can ease a lot of your burden.

Below are 5 reasons why hiring professional process servers would be most beneficial for cases of eviction:

1. It will ensure that all documents are served correctly.

As part of due process, the majority of provinces require landlords to issue written formal notice to their tenants that an eviction process will commence. If you fail to serve this basic requirement, you might be facing much bigger problems later. You can completely damage your case and worse you might even have to answer a lawsuit for wrongful eviction. If you have a process server, you can be assured that all required notices or documents will be hand-delivered properly to the concerned tenant.

2. It is more convenient especially if you do not live near the property.

There are instances where you do not live near the property and it will be very troublesome to travel several times just to serve a document. You will lose precious time that you could have spent on more productive activities. In such cases, using process serving services would be the most convenient and viable option.

3. It will make the entire process more objective and devoid of personal issues.

It is almost impossible for you to maintain a good relationship with your tenant once the eviction process is moving. Your tenant may threaten or intimidate you in some way if you are going to serve documents yourself. A process server doing all serving tasks will keep the entire exercise civil and professional.

4.  It will prevent tenants from evading the documents being served.

There is always a possibility that your tenant will avoid you at all costs once he knows that you need to hand deliver notices. This can be avoided when you use a professional process server since your tenant cannot avoid someone he does not recognize.

5. If the eviction case becomes more serious, the process server can be called to testify.

Nothing is 100% assured in eviction cases; hence, you should be ready for any eventualities. If you used a professional process server, you can ask him to serve as a witness should the whole thing go to court.

The items above are just some of the top reasons why landlords should never discount the option of hiring process serving services when evicting a problematic tenant. Serving documents may seem like a simple task but if you weigh in the implications of not serving the required documents properly, you will realize soon enough the value of process servers.

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