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Advantages of Hiring a Process Server for Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Having to personally deal with problematic tenants is a common problem for people in the rental property business. While landlords can follow different strategies to weed out potentially troublesome clients, the same cannot guarantee 100% success. 

If you have been a landlord for years, you will know that no matter how rigorously you screen your potential tenants there will always be a handful that will cause you stress and headaches.

A tenant who is no longer paying rent on time, or worse avoiding paying at all, is a common problem. Keep in mind that you are running a business and not a social service. When this happens it is necessary to go through the process of legally settling the landlord-tenant dispute. 

This process is burdensome, to say the least, especially for landlords who usually have limited time and patience when settling this kind of dispute. Fortunately, if you are from Red Deer, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Edmonton and other places in Alberta, Canada, you have the option of hiring professionals who can carry out the process of serving on your behalf.

There are several advantages to choosing to hire a process server for your eviction process and other landlord-tenant disputes such as the following:

• It will provide emotional stress relief.

Needless to say, going through an eviction process is never pleasant. It can create added tension and even hostility between you and your tenant. Having to deal with your troublesome tenant face to face during the entire process may cause a great deal of stress. Having a process server issue pertinent documents and personally meet your tenant regularly on your behalf will take a great burden off your chest.

• It will make the process professional

If you are going to serve notices yourself, your tenant may ignore you or even avoid meeting you at all. A third party (process server) hand delivering notices and other legal documents to the concerned tenant and speaking on your behalf will show that you and the entire tenant that this is serious and requires action on their part. 

It will force your tenant to receive the documents since it would be impossible for him to recognize and avoid someone he never met. Since everything is well documented it would make a “non-receipt” or “not informed” claim by your tenant, later on, completely invalid and therefore save you money.

• It will help you in serving needed documents wherever the tenant is.

When you don’t live near the property you are managing, for example, you live in Sherwood Park and your tenant is renting a property in a location far from you, a process server can do this inconvenient work for you. You will save on time, money and energy; and provide you peace of mind.

• It will help you avoid legal troubles later on.

Process serving is an act that is acknowledged to be professional and impartial by the courts. Acquiring the services of a process server will help in ensuring that landlord-tenant dispute is carried out in a fair and direct manner. 

Having a process server will clearly show that you have taken all due diligence and respected the rights of your tenant which would be helpful should you pursue other legal options later on.

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