Benefits of Landlord-Tenant Mediation

Psychological Benefits of Resorting to Landlord-Tenant Mediation

As a landlord, going through disputes with your tenant is one of the more difficult situations to be in. It can cause you a great deal of anxiety especially if you finally decide to go through a formal process of settling your issues. While going to court is one effective option, you have much to gain by opting for professional mediation.

Mediation offers a lot of advantages. It could positively impact your business and more importantly even provide you with the following psychological benefits:

• Calming Effect/ Reduction of tension

Going to court and having to conduct business in a formal court is intimidating, to say the least. The atmosphere is cold and unfriendly since the majority of the people present want to express an air of objectivity. Unfortunately, this kind of environment usually makes people defensive and restless. Even if you are the landlord bringing your tenant to court you cannot expect to be less stressed or anxious than your tenant.

On the other hand, landlord-tenant mediation is conducted in a much more relaxed and comfortable setting. During the process of mediation, you and your tenant meet in an informal environment which dramatically reduces tension, unlike a formal courtroom. By the time the mediator is done with his preliminary talks, you would find that you are much calmer than you first entered the room. Moreover, during this legal meeting, both parties are closely listened to and encouraged to talk without interruption. Psychological studies supported that the mere experience of being listened to is enough to bring a tremendous calming effect to one’s body.

• Reclaiming control

When you as a landlord start the eviction process on one of your tenants, you may not be completely aware of it but you are unconsciously fighting for control. Tenants are supposed to respect and abide by the tenancy agreement and it is quite insulting to realize that you can be readily dismissed. The landlord-tenant mediation process gives back your sense of control as you are very much involved in the entire proceeding. You can also voice out all your feelings and issues as much as you want which could provide a great sense of relief. This is something that you cannot experience in a formal court proceeding.

• Recovering lost trust

Addressing property disputes fits the mediation process very well because there is an ongoing relationship between you and your tenant. Even if your tenant has given you a lot of problems, it is still quite unsettling to completely burn bridges. In mediation, nobody loses. The goal of mediation is to come to a mutual agreement, a win-win situation. This can help save business relationships and recover at least a bit of trust.

The items discussed above are just a few of the many psychological advantages that mediation can bring to the table. Oftentimes, these kinds of benefits are often neglected and ignored. However, if you carefully reflect on each of them, you will discover that they have much value. As a landlord or business owner, you should have a wider perspective when you are looking at your entire business process. Certainly, the psychological gains of mediation are comparable to any monetary benefits.

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