The Covid-19 Protection For Alberta Renters

What you the landlord should know regarding the covid-19 protection for Alberta renters The temporary legislation forbids enforcement of any recent court orders if the order results from non-payment of rent and/or utilities, until after April 30, 2020. The tenant is still obligated to pay any and all new rent and utilities that come due. […]

Advantages of using eviction services

The Advantages of Using Eviction Services All landlords would love to have tenants who take care of their properties and pay rent on time. However, this is not always the case. Tenants are known to damage property and delay paying rent- or not pay at all. When the situation becomes unbearable, landlords are forced to […]

Landlord forms

4 legal Forms Every Landlord Needs Edmonton has the lowest tax rate in Canada with a steady increase in wages; it is no wonder investors are searching for Edmonton’s profitable housing market. Unfortunately being a landlord isn’t as simple as one might think. Many actions need to be followed with respect to the Residential Tenancies Act. […]

Signs to hire eviction services

Tell-Tale Signs to Hire Commercial Eviction Services If you are managing and leasing commercial properties, you would know that there are a lot of benefits in this business that cannot be found anywhere else. Once you established yourself in the property industry, you get to widen your network, earn regularly in the comfort of your […]

Eviction Service Selection

The ABC’s of Selecting the Right Eviction Services As a landlord of a residential or commercial property, you can maintain good and friendly relations with your tenants by always being reliable and professional. You can do your best to ensure that your tenant is comfortable and that you and your properties are far better than […]

Eviction Process Serving

5 Reasons to Use Process Serving Services in Eviction Cases As a landlord, you can never completely ignore the possibility that you may have to go through an eviction process. You have people as tenants and humans, by nature are diverse. That is why even though you did your best to screen your potential tenants; […]

5 Things Residential Eviction Services Can Give You

Leasing a residential property is probably one of the most lucrative and low-maintenance businesses out there. It guarantees regular income without necessarily doing much, particularly if you have a well-maintained property and a reliable tenant. Unfortunately, there will be times when you will encounter a tenant that will give you headaches. Usually the same can […]

Fast Evictions in Alberta

Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective Evictions in Alberta Edmonton Eviction Service Inc. was formed by industry professionals and is positioned to help you and/or your property manager to take control of a cash-flow problem, and remove or re-train the cause (a bad or non-performing tenant) so you can move forward. We will represent you, as […]

Benefits of Landlord-Tenant Mediation

Psychological Benefits of Resorting to Landlord-Tenant Mediation As a landlord, going through disputes with your tenant is one of the more difficult situations to be in. It can cause you a great deal of anxiety especially if you finally decide to go through a formal process of settling your issues. While going to court is […]

Landlord Forms in Alberta

Landlord Forms Must-Haves for People in the Property Business In order for any business to run smoothly and professionally, everything should be documented or recorded. It is quite easy to deny agreeing with certain requirements if the understanding has been made verbally. That is why it is always best in business to put all agreements […]

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