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The temporary legislation forbids enforcement of any recent court orders if the order results from non payment of rent and/or utilities, until after April 30, 2020.
The tenant is still obligated to pay any and all new rent and utilities that come due. (S)he is to apply for the help offered from the government and pass that on to the landlord.
The landlord is obligated to allow the tenant flexibility in making those payments – make reasonable payment plans for example – and to offer relief or discounts if they possibly can. If all of that doesn’t work then enforcement will be allowed.
New applications for eviction due to non payment will be allowed – the landlord will have to prove that there was an offer of reasonable flexibility and that it was either refused or not adhered to.
FYI- ALL OTHER REASONS for application – interference, lack of cleanliness, illegal activity, over holding, etc – WILL be processed as normal.
If you have any questions regarding your tenants and this temporary legislation, please give me a call at 780-974-8427 and I will do my best to answer your questions.
Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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Advantages of Using Eviction Services


The Advantages of Using Eviction Services


All landlords would love to have tenants who take care of their properties and pay rent on time. However, this is not always the case. Tenants are known to damage property and delay paying rent- or not pay at all. When the situation becomes unbearable, landlords are forced to go through an eviction process. Given how unpleasant and stressful the process is, many landlords opt for hiring a professional eviction service.

Below is a look at the advantages of using eviction services:

1. Eviction services know the laws. It is easy for a landlord to mix up the legal details involved when it comes to evicting a tenant. If even a single detail is gotten wrong, a judge can easily rule in a tenant’s favour. By using an eviction service, the case is examined by an experienced team that is well versed with the laws of eviction.

The team will inform the landlord of the exact process that he or she must go through in order to deal with such a messy problem. An eviction service is capable of aligning every step so as to give the landlord a better chance of a positive outcome.

2. Many tenants have no intention of behaving in an unreasonable manner or putting the landlord out financially. However, a landlord can approach them with legal jargon and hostility, something that is not unreasonable if he or she is worried about own finances and property.

This can make the tenants respond negatively. A reputable eviction service has dealt with so many of such cases. They can analyse the facts of the situation and make judgment on the best way to approach the problem. Considering the experience that a professional eviction service brings, a landlord has a better chance of getting a positive outcome with minimal trouble.

Landlords should never let eviction cases run their lives. Hiring a professional eviction service can result in the eviction process going smoothly, quickly and safely.


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Landlord forms


4 legal Forms Every Landlord Needs


Edmonton has the lowest tax rate in Canada with a steady increase in wages; it is no wonder investors are searching toward Edmonton’s profitable housing market. Unfortunately being a landlord isn’t as simple as one might think. Many actions need to be followed with respect to the Residential Tenancies Act. Failure to act in regards to this law can have dire implications. We have assembled a summary of 4 legal documents (Alberta eviction notice form, Landlord eviction notice sample, Landlord eviction notice form) that every property owner needs to have and when they ought to be properly used.


1. Residential Rental Application. A Residential Rental Application is used by landlords to gather information on potential renters. This document is vital as it helps screen possible tenants. Landlords can observe the renter’s employment history, earnings, references and obtain written consent to do a credit and criminal record check. Many skip this step since it requires more time and money; however not performing these screenings can result in getting the wrong tenant that is late on their payments or cause costly destruction to the residence.

*Tip: Many people put their friends as references so that they will give them a good word. As an alternative, try to get references from the renters past landlord. This allows you to get a real peek at what sort of tenant they are and if they are right for your premises.


2. Residential Rental Agreement. After you have found the right tenant, the next step is having both parties sign a Residential Rental Agreement. This contract explains the expectations for both parties throughout a residential tenancy and lowers the probability of any disputes or misunderstanding at a later date. A Rental Agreement should include: Landlord, Tenant and Property Information: Contact details for both parties, and a description of the rental property. Lease Length: The length of time the tenancy will be, including whether it will automatically renew or if it is a fixed term, and notice details. Rent Price: How much the rent price will be monthly and if utilities are included also, if there is a charge for overdue payments and if the landlord requires a damage deposit. Permissions: This consists of whether the landlord will grant specific things, such as cigarette smoking, animals, home based businesses, or improvements to the rental property. Rules and Responsibilities: The responsibilities for the tenant and landlord, such as care and maintenance of the property, and overall expectations from all parties throughout the lease period.

*Tip: Go through the lease with your renter to make sure that they understand the terms and to answer any questions they may have. Once signed by both parties give your tenant a copy of the contract.


3. Rental Inspection Report. After both parties have signed the Residential Rental Agreement, landlords should do a walk-through of the residence with the tenant. This enables you to record the condition of the rented residence before the tenant moves in. Once the tenant moves out you will have a reference of how the place looked and if any fresh damages have occurred you can deduct it from their damage down payment.

*Tip: Make sure you do the walk through together with the tenant and also have them sign the report. This is likely to make the Tenant responsible if they created any damage.


4. Eviction Notice. Even after doing your research you may still be confronted with a bad tenant that you must evict. In instances where the tenant has severely damaged your property or physically attacked you, you can give them a 24-hour Eviction Notice to vacate your property. In other cases such as overdue payment, the eviction process becomes more complex. In this example you’ll have to provide the tenant a 14-day notice. When completing the Eviction Notice for overdue payment make certain you list how much rent was due, when it was due and property information.

*Tip: Evicting a tenant can be expensive from the $75 filing fee for a hearing to employing a bailiff to escort your tenant off your property. Plan in advance in case this happens to you by setting aside some extra money to pay for these expenses.


If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above Call Edmonton Eviction Services Today at 780 974 8427 or contact us by email at and let us solve your tenant problems!

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Signs to Hire Eviction Services


Tell-Tale Signs to Hire Commercial Eviction Services


If you are managing and leasing commercial properties, you would know that there are a lot of benefits in this business that cannot be found anywhere else. Once you established yourself in the property industry, you get to widen your network, earn regularly at the comfort of your own home, and secure your family’s needs. However, at some point you will encounter tenants that bring you more problems that benefits. When this happens, you should start evaluating the situation to see whether you need to resort to eviction.


Top 4 telltale signs it is high time to get commercial eviction services:


·       Your tenant is always delayed in paying rent or stopped paying altogether – this is arguably the most common reason why a lot of landlords go through eviction process. The primary reason why you are in the property business is to earn money, whatever social or other gains you might get from it will always be secondary. Paying rent on time is the most basic responsibility of a tenant. If your tenant is not serious about adhering to this one simple responsibility, is it even worth keeping him?


·       Your tenant is using the property for an entirely different business use without your consent – tenants should respect the fact that no matter what happens you are still the owner of the property. They may pay rent in advance almost all the time or maintain the property beyond your expectations but they are still tenants. This is why you have the right to know what is going on in your property. If they are not abiding by the terms of agreement in this particular aspect, how can you expect him to be faithful on the other provisions?


·       Your tenant is subletting your property without your knowledge – having undocumented tenants using your building puts you at risk. Some tenants have no qualms in making business out of other people’s business, literally. If your tenant is making money of your property, would you let him get away with it?


·       Your tenant is causing trouble with your other tenants – there are times when your tenant appears to be ideal when dealing with you but causing a lot of problems with his fellow tenants. If you ever experience this you have to take this matter very seriously. If the complaints of the other tenants are valid and can be considered violation of the contract you need to act on it fast. Can you handle other tenants leaving because of one troublesome tenant?


When you and your tenant come together and sign the lease agreement, both of you should be responsible enough to ensure that all terms would be met. Tenants who dare to commit any of the signs above without remorse or accountability should be evicted. When you acquire commercial eviction services, you can be assured that your tenant problems would be dealt with in the most professional manner. Ultimately, once the process is on the way you can just relax and anticipate the end of your worries.


Call Edmonton Eviction Services Today at 780 974 8427 or contact us by email at and let us solve your tenant problems!



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Eviction Service Selection


The ABC’s of Selecting the Right Eviction Services


As a landlord of a residential or commercial property you can maintain good and friendly relations with your tenants by always being reliable and professional. You can do your best to ensure that your tenant is comfortable and that you and your properties are far better than others. Unfortunately, as with other relationships, good results are not solely dependent on you. The success of the business also depends on how your tenant behaves and abides by the landlord-tenant agreement. Even if you give your 100%, it will still not mean much if your tenant is not keen on exerting the same amount of effort. When this happens, it might be inevitable for you to go on looking for companies that provide eviction services.


Below is the ABC of selecting the most appropriate eviction services for your needs:


A – Always consider hiring local eviction services.


To acquire a long list of candidates for the job, you can start calling knowledgeable friends for referral. You can also try searching the internet for eviction services within your area. Keep in mind that it is always best to hire local professionals. For one, they would be most familiar to the existing laws, rules, and practice in your area. If you are going to hire people from an entirely different zip code, they need time to learn the ropes which would eat up some time. Moreover, those people who practice locally will be familiar with the system and even the people who run the system. All these things would be to your advantage in the long run.


B – Be ready to conduct a background check. 


Once you have completed your long list, you need to narrow down your choices and create a short list of potential eviction services companies. You can do this by finding time to do a background check of each of the company in your list. You should try to find out their level of experience in handling eviction cases. Naturally those who have been in the business for a number of years will be evaluated more favorably than newer ones. Also you need to know their reputation in the industry. You can gauge this by connecting to their previous clients, if possible. If not, you can search for client testimonies on the web. By doing this you can learn a lot about how they conduct their business.


C – Conduct a thorough interview.


Once you narrow down your list into at the maximum three agencies, you can interview each one of them. By conducting an interview, you can validate all the information that you gathered so far. You can ask about recent eviction cases they have handled, their exact expertise, or the time frame to complete the entire process.


The guide listed above maybe simple but it will greatly help you in choosing the right company that offer eviction services. Needless to say, you have to select wisely in order to fully address your eviction concern. Failure to do so will cause you to lose money and gain more problems in the process.


Call Edmonton Eviction Services Today at 780 974 8427 or contact us by email at and let us solve your tenant problems!



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Eviction Process Serving



5 Reasons to Use Process Serving Services in Eviction Cases


As a landlord, you can never completely ignore the possibility that you may have to go through an eviction process. You have people as tenants and humans, by nature are diverse. That is why even though you did your best to screen your potential tenants; there will always be a few who will turn out to be problematic later. When your tenant-related challenges become too much to bear, you should not hesitate evicting the source of your problems. Once you decided to go through the process of eviction it is best for you to acquire professional process serving services. Landlord-tenant disputes can give you a lot of stress and sleepless nights and using commercial eviction services can ease a lot of your burden.


Below are 5 reasons why hiring professional process servers would be most beneficial for cases of eviction:


1.     It will ensure that all documents are served correctly.


As part of due process, majority of provinces require landlords to issue written formal notice to their tenants that an eviction process will commence. If you fail to serve this basic requirement, you might be facing much bigger problems later. You can completely damage your case and worse you might even have to answer a lawsuit for wrongful eviction. If you have a process server, you can be assured that all required notices or documents will be hand delivered properly to the concerned tenant.


2.     It is more convenient especially if you do not live near the property.


There are instances where you do not live near the property and it will be very troublesome to travel several times just to serve a document. You will lose precious time that you could have spent in more productive activities. In such cases, using process serving services would be the most convenient and viable option.


3.     It will make the entire process more objective and devoid of personal issues.


It is almost impossible for you to maintain a good relationship with your tenant once the eviction process is moving. Your tenant may threaten or intimidate you in some way if you are going to serve documents yourself. A process server doing all serving-tasks will keep the entire exercise civil and professional.


4.  It will prevent tenant from evading the documents being served.There is always a possibility that your tenant will avoid you at all cost once he knows that you need to hand deliver notices. This can be avoided when you use a professional process server since your tenant cannot avoid someone he does not recognize.


5.     If the eviction case becomes more serious, the process server can be called to testify.


Nothing is 100% assured in eviction cases; hence, you should be ready for any eventualities. If you used a professional process server, you can ask him to serve as witness should the whole thing go to court.


The items above are just some of the top reasons why landlords should never discount the option of hiring process serving services when evicting a problematic tenant. Serving documents may seem like a simple task but if you weigh in the implications of not serving the required documents properly, you will realize soon enough the value of process servers.


Call Edmonton Eviction Services Today at 780 974 8427 or contact us by email at and let us solve your tenant problems!

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5 Things Residential Eviction Services Can Give You


5 Things Residential Eviction Services Can Give You


Leasing a residential property is probably one of the most lucrative and low-maintenance business out there. It guarantees regular income without necessarily doing much, particularly if you have a well-maintained property and a reliable tenant. Unfortunately, there will be times where you will encounter a tenant that will give you headaches. Usually the same can be addressed by reminders and a few serious talks. However, when the situation is already getting out of hand and your problematic tenant is robbing you of peace of mind, it might be time to consider using residential eviction services.


While you have the option of carrying out the eviction process yourself, there is always a chance that you might get overwhelmed. Needless to say the entire procedure is tiring and tedious. Below are some of the things that residential eviction services can give which you may not gain when you evict your tenant yourself:


1.     Track record and experience


Unless you are involved in an eviction process on a regular basis (which would then make your property business highly questionable) you have to admit that you lack the experience in dealing with eviction cases.  This is not the case for residential eviction services. The moment you hire professionals for help you can be assured that your problem will be handled well. They know what to do, all the ins and outs, and they have already built a network of connection that will expedite everything.


2.     Peace of mind


This is arguably the best advantage that you can gain from residential eviction services. If you will be directly involved in the process, it will undoubtedly rob you of peace of mind. You will be stressed, tense, and anxious trying to cope with your regular business and trying to learn the entire eviction process. If you think you can save a lot of money by not hiring professionals, think about all the sleepless nights you will eventually experience. Will it be worth it?


3.     Know-how


The whole eviction process entails a lot of paper work and documentation. You also need to meet with a lot of people, deal with your problematic client, and go to various offices. Do you think it is easy to handle all these things if you don’t know exactly know how everything should be carried out? You might know a little bit about eviction by all the readings that you have done but you have to remember that theories are more often than not different in practice.


4.     Safety


You might never know what an angry tenant is capable of doing. If you have to deal with him on a regular basis while the eviction process is going on, your safety may be at risk. Using residential eviction services will ensure that you and your family will be safe from backlash and retaliation.


5.     Convenience


As a landlord, you cannot lose all your time because of one problematic tenant. Hiring eviction services will let you go on your usual business while at the same time dealing with your eviction issue.



The items above are just some of the many benefits of hiring residential eviction services. If you are thinking about minimizing expenses, just think about your health and state of mind. At the end of the day, nothing is worth more than your health and sanity.


Call Edmonton Eviction Services Today at 780 974 8427 or contact us by email at and let us solve your tenant problems!

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eviction notice alberta


Eviction Notice Alberta

A tenancy agreement is the most important safeguard against long-term difficulties with renters and the law. This is the landlords’ duty to take the time and sit down with their prospective tenants to go over the lease agreement. In order to avoid false impression a landlord mustn’t presume that the renter has read the contract. The landlord needs to ensure that the tenant fully comprehends the legal contract that they are entering into. Doing this, having each renter sign the contract, prevents anyone staying in the property from with the ability to refuse knowing about or understanding the conditions of the lease agreement. If you are confused things to use in your tenant agreement, read 5 Things For An Iron Clad Rental Agreement here.


Common lease agreements are popular, but you may wish to include optional conditions may also be beneficial. Alberta’s Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) does not give you the ability to evict tenants because of smoking or pets, however a condition prohibiting smoking or pets can be included in the lease agreement. In the event the added clause is violated, the tenancy may be ended by applying to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDTS), which is a quasi-judicial body that deals precisely with residential tenancy matters and is authorized to make binding decisions on claims up to $25,000.


If you do decide to allow smoking and/or pets inside your property, the Alberta government does permit landlords to charge a non-refundable charge the same as one month’s rent along with the damage down payment, which is also equivalent to one month’s rent. If any segments put into the agreement ensure you include a term stating, “The tenancy created by this agreement is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and if there is a conflict between the agreement and the act, the act prevails.” And as with any province, it is advisable to get each renter to sign the lease agreement, in order that absolutely everyone residing in the exact property can be legally evicted if there is a problem.


Evicting Unruly Tenants

When a tenant seriously damages the house and property or physically assaults you or someone else, you can promptly serve the tenant with a 24-hour eviction notice. The notice has to be in writing, be authorized by you or the agent, give the cause for eviction and state the time and date the tenancy ends. If the tenant breaches a condition in the contract by smoking or having a pet inside the property, for example, there’s a more complex legal process to comply with. In cases like this, you’ll be able to apply to the court or to the RTDTS to serve the tenant with a 14-day eviction notice.


The 14-day notice

The notice must include all of the same information that’s essential for the 24-hour notice. A 14-day notice, however, can be appealed by the tenant to the RTDTS. You, as the landlord, are not expected to state this directly on the notice, nor are you expected to inform the tenant concerning this. If the tenant does appeal to the RTDTS, for instance, you ought to have an in depth report outlining whatever breaches have actually been made, which includes a list of any situations or issues over the tenancy, together with a copy of the lease agreement and the affidavit.


To ensure that the eviction process goes easily for you it is recommend that landlords record incidents. If warnings have been provided, those ought to be documented. If they have grievances from other tenants, they should keep those on record and be presented as evidence .The judge or dispute officer handling the case will then either rule in favour of the tenant’s appeal or refuse it – in which case you’ll need to move to phase 2.


Moving forward

In many cases a notice is all that’s required to solve the situation, but that’s not necessarily the case. The best-case situation is when the landlord issues the notice and the tenant decides to move. However, on many occasions tenants know that the notice means is there’s another 14 days of free rent. They know that the landlord can’t do anything during the 14 days.

In the event the tenant has not appealed the notice and is still living in the unit, it is possible to go back to the court to obtain an order of possession. During this step, obtaining a judgment for any outstanding monies the tenant owes you, in addition to any costs incurred by the legal process is in the landlords interest. The problem is, however, it can at times take a week to have your case heard in the courtroom, thereby giving the tenant another week of 100 % free rent.


Get Them Out

When the order of possession is granted, then you’re able to serve the tenant with it and direct him or her to leave by a selected day, which is normally 14 days from the time the order was served. In case the tenant still does not comply, then you can file the order with the clerk at the Court of Queen’s Bench, Alberta’s provincial court, and appeal for a writ of possession. As soon as the writ is issued, you’re able to employ a civil enforcement agency to remove the tenant.


The bailiff usually will change the locks on the units while the tenant may be out of the home. The bailiff will then allow any tenants residing in the property to gather their personal belongings if they agree to vacate the premises. Tenants normally should be aware that when a judgment is filed, it stays on the books for 10 years and can be renewed, thereby hurting their credit history and, of course, their capability to buy a home.


Non-payment of rent

Non-payment of rent is almost identical to the eviction process followed for a 14-day notice. The main difference is this notice should also include the amount of rent due, any other rent which will become due throughout the notice period and a declaration proclaiming that the tenancy agreement isn’t going to be terminated if the tenant pays any outstanding amounts. Eliminating a step

In Alberta, a writ of possession still is necessary whenever a tenant has failed to obey an order of possession issued by the court. But that may soon change.


During the time of writing, a bill reforming the eviction process was in second reading at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The proposed law would eliminate the very last step of obtaining a writ of possession and enables landlords to employ a civil enforcement agency to evict tenants if they do not comply with the order of possession.


Edmonton Eviction Services is a responsible and expert in all features of the eviction process in Alberta. Call us at 780-974-8427 and let us start the process today!




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Landlord Forms in Alberta


Landlord Forms Must-Haves for People in the Property Business


In order for any business to run smoothly and professionally everything should be documented or recorded. It is quite easy to deny agreeing with certain requirements if the understanding has been made verbally. That is why it is always best in business to put all agreements in writing so that there is always a remedy once any of the provisions have been violated.


The same principle holds true, more so for property business. There are quite a number of things that need to be communicated by the landlord to his tenants. And since it is risky to leave agreements verbally, having various landlord forms ready would be very convenient.


Here are various landlord forms that owners ought to have when running their property business:


·       Application to Lease – this is the form to be filled out by interested tenant to formally show his intention to lease a residential or commercial property. This form also helps the landlords and property managers in collecting pertinent information about potential tenant such as employment history and source of income. Needless to say a lease application aids the screening process.


·       Tenancy Agreement – this is a contract between the landlord and the tenant that spells out in details the rights and responsibilities of both parties.


·       Inspection Report – at least two written inspection reports are required based on the Residential Tenancies Act. This type of report contains information on the state of the property before the tenant moves in and after he moves out.


·       Notice of Rental Increase – this is the form used by Landlords to officially inform their tenants on pending rental increase. Needless to say the same is subject to pertinent rules and issuances on the matter.


·       Notice of Entry – this is the form used by landlords to give their tenants advanced information that they will visit and enter their property at a given time for some valid reason.


·       Notice of Termination of a Periodic Tenancy for Allowable Reasons – this form officially notifies the tenant that his tenancy will be ending even if he has completely abided by the tenancy agreement. This is allowed by law for specific reasons like when the landlord will be using the property.


·       Eviction Notice or Notice of Termination for Substantial Breach – this form can only be used under certain circumstances as specified in the Residential Tenancies Act.


·       24-hour Notice to Show or Inspect – this form is used by landlords to communicate to their tenant  that they will be making repairs to the property 24 hours after the tenant receives the notice.


The various landlord forms discussed above are just some of the required forms that landlords should know about and maintain. These are forms that would be particularly helpful in conducting their daily business with ease. These landlord forms also provide order and system in one’s property business. It is important to note that every single one of these forms should have passed through scrutiny to ensure that the same are in accordance with relevant laws and issuances in Alberta, Canada.


Call Edmonton Eviction Services Today at 780 974 8427 or contact us by email at and let us solve your tenant problems!

landlord tenant mediation

Benefits of Landlord-Tenant Mediation


Psychological Benefits of Resorting to Landlord-Tenant Mediation


As a landlord, going through disputes with your tenant is one of the more difficult situations to be in. It can cause you a great deal of anxiety especially if you finally decide to go through a formal process of settling your issues. While going to court is one effective option, you have much to gain by opting for professional mediation.


Mediation offers a lot of advantages. It could positively impact your business and more importantly even provide you with the following psychological benefits:


·       Calming Effect/ Reduction of tension


Going to court and having to conduct business in a formal court is intimidating to say the least. The atmosphere is cold and unfriendly since majority of the people present want to express an air of objectivity. Unfortunately, this kind of environment usually makes people defensive and restless. Even if you are the landlord bringing your tenant to court you cannot expect to be less stressed or anxious than your tenant.


On the other hand, landlord-tenant mediation is conducted in a much relaxed and comfortable setting. During the process of mediation you and your tenant meet in an informal environment which dramatically reduces tension unlike a formal courtroom. By the time the mediator is done with his preliminary talks, you would find that you are much calmer than you first entered the room. Moreover, during this legal meeting both parties are closely listened to and encouraged to talk without interruption. Psychological studies supported that the mere experience of being listened to is enough to bring tremendous calming effect to one’s body.


·       Reclaiming control


When you as a landlord start the eviction process on one of your tenants, you may not be completely aware of it but you are unconsciously fighting for control. Tenants are supposed to respect and abide by the tenancy agreement and it is quite insulting to realize that you can be readily dismissed. The landlord-tenant mediation process gives back your sense of control as you are very much involved in the entire proceeding. You can also voice out all your feelings and issues as much as you want which could provide a great sense of relief. This is something that you cannot experience in a formal court proceeding.


·       Recovering lost trust


Addressing property disputes fits the mediation process very well because there is an on-going relationship between you and your tenant. Even if your tenant has given you a lot of problems, it is still quite unsettling to completely burn bridges. In mediation, nobody loses. The goal of mediation is to come to a mutual agreement, a win-win situation. This can help save business relationships and recover at least a bit of trust.



The items discussed above are just a few of the many psychological advantages that mediation can bring to the table. Oftentimes, these kinds of benefits are often neglected and ignored. However, if you carefully reflect on each of them, you will discover that they have much value. As a landlord or business owner, you should have a wider perspective when you are looking at your entire business process. Certainly, the psychological gains of mediation are comparable to any monetary benefits.


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